In Nashua Strong Towns we have a community driven set of issues we have prioritized as a community. These issues are prioritized based on smallest change to highest ratio of impact. All of these issues are important to our members and the community as a whole, and we are planning to get to all of them ideally sooner than later.

Nashua needs Complete Streets

In Nashua we are stuck with a “car conundrum.” We have begun densifying the areas around Main Street, but most folks are still dependent on cars. Because of this we are stuck where the town wants to build more parking, but does not have the money to provide adequate transportation infrastructure.

The key area lacking, but does not cost inordinate amounts of money are streets that are safe for pedestrians and cyclists. Downtown Nashua has many amenities that are hardly a mile from each other.

Ensuring we are able to provide adequate pedestrian/cyclist infrastructure is inexpensive, and will help reduce car dependence in Nashua while we continue to get funding for adequate transportation infrastructure.

For more on the Complete Streets issue and how to help us out, see:

Longer term issues

  • Ensuring every street is pedestrian friendly
  • Removing all parking minimums
  • Upzoning residential zones to mixed-use zones
  • Adding more dense housing
  • Getting commuter rail support in Nashua
    • And adding dense housing near it