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Main Street Bike racks – not enough and too small

Message body:


I’m a local resident in Nashua and frustrated with the lack of bike parking on Main Street. The number of bike racks is inadequate and the bike racks themselves are too small. Even with roads that are not safe enough for cycling (that could most certainly use protected bicycle lanes), the bike racks are always at high capacity, some with folks “double parked” on. As a town that has committed to “Adjust dimensional constraints to enable new development to have a less suburban, auto-oriented character and a more walkable, active corridor character” it is important we start taking steps forward here and begin to make changes to Main Street to make this possible.

Additional and larger bike racks are imperative to showing we are a city dedicated to allowing for alternative transportation that is not car centric. Better and bigger bike racks are relatively inexpensive, and would show we are putting our money where our mouth is, making one of our more walkable street more amenable to cycling.

There is more than enough surface parking for cars, but barely enough for cyclists.

Please consider replacing some on-street parking with bike racks.



Everything else:

I’ve seen on numerous occasions photos of double parked bikes. There’s an example of one here taken by our Conversation Leader the other day. Feel free to include it in the email, or to substitute your own of double parked bikes, filled bike racks, or bikes parked on trees in the area. We’ll work to include more photos here over time. Feel free to send any extras to


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