It’s no secret – at Nashua Strong Towns we are against the proposed parking minimums in Nashua downtown.

At this point in time, we should be considering removing parking minimums from the rest of the city, not looking to increase the number of cars in our densest, most economically productive area of the city.

Talking with elected officials and folks around town though, there are many valid problems the city of Nashua is facing. The “car conundrum” is what we have taken to calling it. As we continue to densify Nashua Downtown, something that is incredibly important, we run into the issue where the number of cars goes up rapidly, matching the number of people while old parking spaces are slowly replaced by the very much needed new housing.

This is a difficult position, and at Nashua Strong Towns we are aware we cannot just be a loud voice in opposition to policies we are opposed to, but to be an active member in our community, and discuss how we can make things better.

Working with members of our local Strong Towns conversation, we discussed the problems the town was facing, and tried to provide solutions. We think there is a lot the town could try before moving forward with parking minimums.

Over the last few weeks we have worked to compile both a full 15 page report, and an 2 page executive summary with our stance and with solutions to the town.

Almost all of the information from the full report is available in the executive summary, but in a much abbreviated form, so if you do not have time to read the full report, we hope the shortened executive summary will be able to answer your questions.

Both are available for download below.

Previews of the documents can be found below.



We thank the town for taking the time to hear us out.


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