On the 15th, we were at the first ever Nashua River Fest. The event was a spectacular showing of how amazing the space in a parking lot can be when it isn’t just used for parking! Most of the cars were removed and replaced with stands that had local businesses at them. There were also a few stands with agencies at them like our very own Nashua Strong Towns!

We had a number of great conversations with local residents, and a few government officials signed on to our email lists. Folks were very interested in learning more about Nashua Strong Towns.


And for anyone who came by, we also had 75 different colored pieces of chalk to draw with. When the streets are safe, playing on the streets is something you can do without worrying about traffic! There were a number of kids, and even a few adults who came by to have a little fun drawing.

This event was a great success! And we’ll be looking forward to being at more events like this in the future. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it!

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